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This is getting up and doing what you love ❤️

12 wonderful weeks with the Western Health and Social Care Trust in the Recovery College Omagh 🙏

B Well &Beyond provided the Recovery College holistic Mini-Mindfulness Retreats and Drama Workshops with the aim to deliver stress reduction techniques, mindfulness techniques in a multi-modal methodology to enhance personal development, holistic skills which provide balance and a sense of empowerment. Mindfulness techniques, meditation & Relaxation (complementary therapies are also provided - aromatherapy...)

These workshops were run in a joyful, uplifting way, which served to add to the quality of life for every participant. These specialist Activities are based on holistic, recovery ethos and are offered to users of our service to potentially learn new skills and validate their worth.

Bronagh and Briege delivered, what they set out, time and time again. Everyone has loved taking part in the workshop’s with people requesting the opportunity to come back again! They have created a unique experience for every person who attended these wonderful retreats and workshops.

We hope to see Bronagh and Briege in the near future

Yvonne Cairns

Recovery College WH&SCT

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